Description: Description: Quantitative Easing video


Hong Kong-Cayman!

King-Kong pay, man! [high-five]


Bigger better bonded bubbles

long and lightly lift the Troubles.

Why bust Wall Street when they burst

compounded on the poor accurst?

Rich or clever blesséd ever

dryer bed in wetter weather.


Short the night!  Non-stop the blowing!

H-3D-TV  see  showing

Power Points on globes gone going!

Mecca  ever  golden  glowing;

O!  Jerusalem!  red  flowing,

veils  pierced,  men  children  mowing!

Nations  not  the  jungle  hoeing

reap  what  nations  raped  are  sowing:

thins  the  ice  where  slows  the  snowing.

Europe  no  more  is  more  knowing.

Chindia  more  green,  more   growing.

U.S.A.  the  world  out-owing!

Cheered be!  Hear ye crows yet crowing,

Credit  ratings  re-bestowing!

Short the night!  Non-stop the blowing!


Big the short! Fraud final bought!

Broker-battalions  let  loose:

to  cold-call,  to  induce,

to  befriend,  to seduce,

then  forefend  and  traduce,

by  hereinbelow  noose,

doom-balloon  soon  caboose.


Sooner  re-resold  liar  loan:

sixty-six;  sick;  alone;

daily  worked  to  the  bone;

with  her  crippled  son  thrown

sudden  from  Grandpa's  home:

all  for  ten  weeks  in  Rome.


Big the short!  Fraud final, bought!


Self-evident, that no man's law

can such unequal fates restore

as fit the first and worst of claw:

life more or less is less or more.


Self-evident,  that  senate  rules

as  meaningful  as  menopause

default-swap  captured  common  cause

for   misdirected   fools'  applause.


Beggars bitter blog and twitter!

Bigger better bonded bubbles

bear more, and more trying Troubles!

Bugger  bigger  better  bonded  bubbles.






Description: Description: Small print does not count, if you are small.  This final letter is in frivolous & self-serving disregard of my signed contract's mistaken terms, which this letter deems irrelevant.